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Our persistent desire is to enhance drug development, in order to produce specialty medicines that are more accessible to all.
TherDose manufacturing facility is intended, furnished and operated to deliver high-quality products within defined cost and delivery schedules.
TherDose manufactures a comprehensive, diverse and highly complementary portfolio of specialty medicines targeting a wide spectrum of cancer treatments and an extensive range of finished dosages including tablets, capsules, vials & lyophilized vials.
The facility designed is undertaken in a systematic and organized manner so that on completion, the clean facility meets with the specifications and requirements of the end-user and regulatory authorities.
Our journey towards achieving operational excellence across functions was driven through our efforts to de-bottleneck resources, cycle time reduction, setting internal benchmarks for material and manpower productivity.
We have scaled up several formulations through yield improvement, cycle time reduction and cost improvement projects. We continued focusing on process and operational improvements. Similarly, batch size increase of about 60 products in formulations was carried out during the year resulting improvement in productivity. We are now on a path to digitize the manufacturing operations by integrating all process-related machines to server to capture real-time process parameters for better operations control, improvement in productivity, and enhanced compliance status.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities include:

Drug Manufacturing

  • Orals - Tablets, Capsules
  • Injections - Vials, Lyophilized Vials
  • Wet/dry granulation
  • Direct compression
  • Film coating and blister/strip packing

Capability of Manufacturing Sites

  • Environmental contamination control system like
           HVAC system.
  • Manufacturing sites of class 10,000, 1000 &
           class 100 controlled conditions
  • Dedicated AHUs to control individual areas
  • Terminal HEPA filters in core processing area


  • Liquid Injectable formulations
  • Annual Operating Capacity 5.0 million Vials
  • Lyophilized Injectable formulations
  • Annual Operating Capacity 0.5 million Vials


  • Annual Operating Capacity 6.0 Million Capsules
  • Annual Operating Capacity 8.5 Million Tablets